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It’s essential to visit a dentist every six months for a regular check-up and professional dental consultation. There are several things to consider when you are searching for a dentist. We are sharing some useful suggestions on how to find the best dental clinic for you and your family.

Dental Implant In Noida

Have you been recommended dental implants for a missing tooth? Well, this procedure will restore the confidence in your smile and is a must-visit to Zenith Dental Care, Noida Sector 37. A dental implant is a method wherein a tooth or multiple teeth are replaced in order to have complete dentition to help you functionally and aesthetically.

Root Canal Treatment In Noida

Root canal treatment is a procedure used to save a tooth with an infected or dead pulp and prevent further infection. When a tooth becomes infected, the whole mouth can be put at risk. If the issue is detected early, it is possible to remove the infection without damaging the pulp and restoring the tooth with a conservative options such as tooth colored filling.

Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disorder which affects the uptake and use of glucose by the human body. As a result, the glucose level in the blood rises beyond normal which has an overall impact on the general health and oral cavity.

Are you one of those large percentage of Indians with a bad breath? If you are then you’ve come to right page to find the perfect solution to your problem! Halitosis is an unpleasant breath that comes out from the bacteria that is present in our mouth.

Wisdom tooth pain post image

If you’re in your late teens or early twenties and are experiencing cyclical, dull/ at times excruciating pain at the back of your mouth, Viola! You might have a wisdom tooth trying to erupt in your mouth Although you may not remember teething as a kid, the eruption of wisdom teeth pretty much makes up for it.

It is a hypersensitive reaction to the nerves of the tooth to various external stimuli such as cold, heat or even inhaling air. Tooth sensitivity affects a large number in the population and can be a recurrent occurence.

An individual goes through various stages before he/she gets all their adult/permanent teeth in their mouth. As a parent it becomes highly imperative to ensure that the primary teeth erupt at the correct time as well as they need to shed at their stipulated time.

Wisdom Teeth are your third molars, your jaw has a total of 32 teeth as we all know and there are 4 wisdom teeth that erupt/remain embedded in bone/ completely missing in your mouth.

A situation where decay has reached the vital tissue of the tooth and exposed the nerves to all kinds of stimulus such as hot, cold, air, etc can be extremely troublesome. In such instances, the pulp tissue can become inflamed and the pain doesn’t get relieved by painkiller medications.

bruxism treatment

Bruxism is when a person grinds their teeth while not chewing. The teeth grind or rub together as the jaw moves forcefully either from side to side or back and forth. Often, the person is not aware that they are doing it

Preventive dentistry is the modern way forward in helping you keep a healthy mouth. It helps you to keep your teeth, and means you need to have less dental treatment. The two main causes of tooth loss are decay and gum disease. When the dental team and patient work together, this can help to prevent the need for treatment – especially fillings and extractions.

Dental implant procedure is a modern and unique way of replacing a missing tooth without touching the adjacent teeth. It is screw shaped made of titanium material and is surgically inserted in the area of missing tooth. 

Dental Clinic in noida

Every smile is unique and a gift given to you by the almighty. But when you’re unhappy with the smile you are born with that’s when you head to a dentist.

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