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Dental Implant In Noida

All about Dental implant

Have you been recommended dental implants for a missing tooth? Well, this procedure will restore the confidence in your smile and is a must-visit to Zenith Dental Care, Noida Sector 37. A dental implant is a method wherein a tooth or multiple teeth are replaced in order to have complete dentition to help you functionally and aesthetically.

Dental implants are a great alternative to the conventional removable prosthesis such as dentures or even dental bridges. They become a permanent part of your mouth and reduce the daily inconvenience of removing a prosthesis (dentures, partial dentures). Dental implants require a minor surgery done under local anesthesia, but once they intergrate into our bone they have multiple advantages and give you the feel of natural teeth.

Dental implants are metallic cylinders that are placed into the jawbone where original teeth once existed. These root-like cylinders are used to secure a replacement tooth in a spot where there is a missing tooth. Dental implants can also be used to secure mobile teeth in place by being installed alongside the loose teeth and anchoring to them with splinted crowns. This will allow the loose teeth to function better and last longer in the mouth.

In the first stage, a minor surgery under local anesthesia is done to remove the damaged tooth and prepare the area for the implant. This is followed by a procedure that fixes the implant base to the jaw. It is attached through the gums where the original roots of the tooth once were and allowed to integrate to the bone.

Crowns, a bridge, or stabilized denture (Hybrid Prosthesis – ALL ON 4) may be attached to the implant once it integrates in our bone. Since these must be carefully constructed to match the opposing tooth several impressions of the teeth are made along with a corrective bite is taken and sent to a lab which will fabricate the prosthesis.

However, before beginning the procedure it is essential to do a proper diagnosis clinically and correlate it with radiological findings to have a successful dental implant.

  1. Go through the comprehensive dental examination – this might include dental x-rays as well as getting models made of the mouth.
  2. Get a treatment plan – the plan must be made according to the present situation. Important factors should also be considered like the numbers of teeth that must be replaced and most importantly the jawbone condition. This process might involve different dental specialists, who include a maxillofacial and oral surgeon, periodontist and a physician who specializes in face, jaw and mouth conditions. When doing the treatment plan it is vital to discuss and confer everything. You need to tell your near by Implantologist/Prosthodontist regarding present and past medical conditions, the medications are taken as well as the supplements.
  3. Converse with your nearby Implantologist/Prosthdontist regarding the best option for anaesthesia – during the dental implants surgery, you must opt for the one that will excellently function to you. Before choosing you must consider your health and other factors that the anaesthesia might have a adverse reaction.
  4. X – Ray findings should be thoroughly studied to assess the right position and number of implants to replace the missing teeth.
  5. After deciding the number of implants it is essential that financial aspect of the whole treatment is discussed by finalising the company of the implant (eg Adin, OSSTEM, NOBEL-BIOCARE) and cost of the prosthesis (crown/bridge/implant supported overdenture/ALL on 4).

Zenith Dental Care in Sector-37 Noida is specialising in Dental Implants. Dr Angad Khurana completed his advanced study of Prosthodontics and Implantology at  Maulana Azad Institute of Dental Sciences, New Delhi. Whether you need one or more multiple dental implants to replace missing teeth, Zenith Dental Care, Noida Sector – 37, is fully equipped with advanced technology and the staff consists of experienced, specialised dentist’s.

We can help you achieve the perfect smile you have always dreamt of since “Your Smile is our Priority”.

At Zenith Dental Care, Noida, we’re more than just a dental practice; we’re a family dedicated to providing you with the highest quality dentistry services. As we mark a significant milestone of 5 years in practice, our hearts are filled with gratitude towards each one of you who has been a part of our journey.

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