What are the cost of dental implants in Noida?

Dental implant procedure is a modern and unique way of replacing a missing tooth without touching the adjacent teeth. It is screw shaped made of titanium material and is surgically inserted in the area of missing tooth. It is a procedure that requires meticulous planning, which involves clinical assessment and supplemented by radiographic investigations. It is also imperative that an individual that agrees for a dental implant procedure is made to undergo a complete blood check up and a mandatory COVID test.

Dental implant procedure is done in two stages. Once the preoperative assessment is complete, a suitable size implant is selected and is surgically inserted inside the bone under local anesthesia. The area concerned is stitched for 7-10 days after which the patient reports back to his/her dentist to get the stitches removed. This is known as a

Stage 1 surgery. After stage 1 surgery, the patient is kept under regular follow-ups to assess the integration of the implant with the bone. This takes approximately 3-6 months depending on the type of bone we are dealing with. Once the implant is integrated inside the bone, we move to a Stage 2 surgery.

A stage 2 surgery involves reopening the implant site and placing a healing abutment, which allows the gum to heal around providing adequate tissue architecture for a better emergence profile of the final dental crown that would be placed.

After 15 days, a decision is made to make impression for the implant site using a suitable size tray and components of the dental implant system. This impression is sent to the lab with the desired screws and shade for the dental crown is communicated to the lab in a detailed description. Once the dental crown arrives from the lab it is assessed in the patient’s mouth to check for fit and esthetics. If any changes are required it is sent back to the lab with a note and patient is recalled after a few days.

After placing the dental crown on the implant, it is the duty of the patient to be on regular follow – up for hygiene maintenance and bite adjustment. An x-ray maybe advised to assess the treatment at various stages. A dental implant procedure in Noida would cost between range of 25,000/- to even 50,000/-  for a single tooth implant procedure with the dental crown depending on the company the patient opts for. Dental implant procedure has now been extended from single/multiple tooth to full arch rehabilitation procedure also known as All on 4 or All on 6.

This has led to patient’s discarding the option of removable dentures and opts for a dental implant procedure to replace missing teeth. An option of fixed prosthesis not only gives confidence to the patient but also restores the smile to full function and esthetics.

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