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Cosmetic Dentistry

At Zenith Dental Care Noida Sector 37 we realize the importance of your smile, hence when a patient comes to us with a chief complaint of improving his/her smile our efforts are immediately directed at how we can enhance your smile and give you the confidence in the society. We analyze your smile using the latest advancements and digitally recreate our expected outcomes to give the patient a sense of confidence of what to expect in the future.

Remember ‘your smile is our priority’!

We provide a variety of treatment options to the patient which include

  1. Laminates (thin shell like covering to change the shape, size and color of your tooth up to 9 times the original shade)
  2. Teeth Bleaching (also known as teeth whitening)
  • Full mouth rehabilitation (complete smile make over for grossly attrited, discolored teeth and patients with syndromes)