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Why early age orthodontics is the way forward?

An individual goes through various stages before he/she gets all their adult/permanent teeth in their mouth. As a parent it becomes highly imperative to ensure that the primary teeth erupt at the correct time as well as they need to shed at their stipulated time.

In a Indian population there is general negligence when it comes to maintaining the health of the milk/primary teeth which may lead to future issues in the permanent teeth.

Yes, if we don’t maintain the primary/milk teeth till their shedding time it can lead to delay/transposition of the permanent tooth which can be a main reason for a crooked smile !

Hence, any decay in the milk teeth needs to be restored as soon as possible to prevent its early exfoliation for maintenance of space. In case the milk tooth is lost before the complete development/eruption of its permanent counterpart then we need to make use of a prosthesis known as a space maintainer

Deleterious habits in children

  1. Thumb sucking
  2. Tongue Thrusting
  3. Mouth Breathing
  4. Nail biting

All these habits cause major changes in external facial features and dental malocclusions such as forwardly placed front teeth, gap in between teeth, open bite and much more!!


What can be done?

  1. This is where a role of a pedodontist/orthodontist arises. We need to address the problem at an early stage and give proper counselling to the parent and child.
  2. Diagnose the deleterious habit and fabricate a habit breaking appliance for them
  3. Follow up with the parent and child at regular intervals until the habit is broken.

Here at Zenith Dental Care, we are determined to diagnose the problem at the earliest and provide adequate care. Preventive care and early age orthodontics is the way forward to maintain good health of adult teeth and improve one’s smile. We provide best pediatric dental treatment in Noida from the best Pedodontist’s.


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