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What is tooth sensitivity?

It is a hypersensitive reaction to the nerves of the tooth to various external stimuli such as cold, heat or even inhaling air. Tooth sensitivity affects a large number in the population and can be a recurrent occurence.

What is tooth sensitivity?

  1. Tooth sensitivity is normally when dentin on the root of the tooth is exposed to the elements due to a recession in the gums. Gum recession is a common occurrence, affecting most people at age 65 and above, but it can also occur in younger people. Tooth sensitivity can also be caused by periodontal disease.
  2. Unlike the crowns which have a protective layer of enamel, the root of a tooth has no layer, but a soft layer called cementum. So, when the cementum erodes due to the use of abrasive toothpaste or fanatical brushing technique, it exposes the dentin of the root, leading to sensitivity.
  3. Consumption of too much acidic foods/drinks can cause erosion of the teeth in turn leading to an increased sensitivity
  4. deep filling/cracked tooth are also two very common causes of tooth sensitivity all the latter in some cases can even cause alot of pain

What to do?

  1. You need to get yourself assessed clinically and radiographically by your dentist ascertain the cause and diagnosis of tooth hypersensitivity.
  2. To treat tooth sensitivity, it is recommended to use a low abrasion toothpaste with a soft bristle toothbrush specifically produced for people with sensitive teeth. These toothpastes contain fluoride and potassium nitrate and make the teeth less sensitive if you brush with them twice daily. They also help protect your teeth against decay.
  3. Fluoride mouth rinse/luke warm saline water rinses , done atleast twice a day to make your teeth less sensitive and to protect against decay.
  4. In cases where most tooth area has been lost to abrasiveness, your dentist can recommend other treatment options including plastic resins, fluoride varnishes, which are treatments that are painted onto the teeth. These treatments are usually performed in the dental office.


We at Zenith Dental Care, make sure to correctly diagnose the cause of your tooth sensitivity and advise you the best treatment for the same. We put alot of emphasis on preventive measure and patient education is of paramount importance in any of our consultations.


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